Unique Features

Superior Bioavailability from European Pharmaceutical Grade Garlic Liquid Extract

  • Made exclusively in Sweden - Natural and concentrated
  • Made from organic garlic fresh-picked from biological, toxin free small farms in Europe
  • Pharmaceutical grade with near 100% purity, with no dyes, fillers, binders, coatings or extenders
  • Superior bioavailability of garlic nutrients from use of unique, European-patented cold aqueous extraction technology
  • Allicin liquid made from fresh, raw garlic, with heads of garlic specifically selected to ensure they contain a significant amount of enzyme activity (alliinse enzyme)
  • No chemical cleaning to remove garlic odor
  • No after taste if taken on an empty stomach with lukewarm water, with no food intake for 20 minutes afterwards
  • Extracts of Swedish lingonberries with naturally occurring benzoic acid (internationally labelled as E210) used as preservative (0.1%)​​​​​​​​​

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